About us


A little info about us and our new 2022 online flower shop.

Why we have started our own flower business?

Together slowly over time our interests have combined, Mum (Jackie 64) the life long gardener and

I (Hannah 44) the artistic creator. Both now passionate gardeners and creators making us a perfect team

for supplying English wedding flowers on a small creative scale.


What do we most love about our jobs?

We get to spend our days in our gardens, greenhouse or arranging workshop,

always stimulating and invigorating.

Our daily challenges are rewarded with changing colours,

textures, wildlife and a world of fascination and inspiration.

And endless opportunities to be creative.


Why should you choose us?


We grow and cut beautiful organic flowers,

We are creative and adaptive,

We design different colour palettes,

Our flowers are English, eco friendly and affordable.