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Themes with a Dark Edge

Updated: Jan 28

  • Moody and Atmospheric

  • Eccentric Peaky Blinders

  • Dark Night Gatsby

Having worked in visual merchandising, props and as a wedding / photoshoot stylist I have a huge collection of images to share.

Filling this blog with ideas, links and tips is my way of pulling all together to inspire others...

And hopefully I'll get some amazing flower designs to create too.

Moody and Atmospheric

Starting with my own wedding at Bridwell Park. A truly special and very unique country house estate in the heart of Devon. Perfect for small private weddings.

candle decor tule table wedding styling decor bridwell park
Eerie and very romantic...candle lighting

Our February wedding celebration consisted of one long table in the house dinning room. This heavily lit with raised candles of different sizes and colours of glass.

Softening the look and feel was done by draping and scrunching tule...adding a touch of eeriness to the atmosphere.

candles wedding decor styling bridwell park devon
Varying heights colours & glass

A look also which doesn't require flowers in a big way to decorate your wedding venue. Perfect for keeping decor affordable and creating small flower orders such as - bridal party & ceremony arrangements only.

  • Fabric Tip - Fine soft tule works best for gathering and shaping.

  • Prop Tip - I used Vintage trio side tables to create the raised levels.

  • Suiting Tip - Adding dark shirts and ties instantly adds a dark edge.

groom male buttonhole wedding affordable
Groom buttonhole

Adding a dark edge with accessories...

This is a perfect way of adding drama and interest to your wedding styling especially if going for the full look isn't both your preferred style!.

A wedding is about both of you.

  • Shawl Tip - My shawl I made from a fabric off cut found on eBay. A very affordable personal accessory and definitely something a relative could help with. And kept me warm in February!

wallpaper staircase bridwell park
Adorned in pattern and texture

  • Headpiece Tip - My headpiece is a collection of fabrics and vintage silk flowers shaped and sewn onto a thick tule layer which was easily pinned into my hair.*Also see pic at end of post.

Hannah Taylor wedding winter sunset bridwell park devon
Michael & I enjoying sunsetting Winter light

Moody and Atmospheric Credits

Venue - Bridwell Park

Photographer - Martin Dabek

MUA Hairstylist - Billy Edge

Eccentric Peaky Blinders

maunsel house wedding venue stylist florist devon  flowers devon
Collection of individual characters uniquely dressed

This is a photoshoot I designed for the setting of Maunsel House, a very old manor steeped in history and period features. Perfect for styling a theme inspired by Peaky Blinders.

  • Styling Tip - For dark period styling not all your guests need to dress in black, look how these gorgeous peaches and mustards look. Also note the mixed male suiting combinations. It's more about finding the right fabrics and styles to compliment the venue and the time period your look is reflecting. There's nothing wrong with adding some of your own personality and twist to the look.

  • Clothes Tip - For dress fabrics plain silks can look striking and unique, go for statement cuts or drapes. For suiting, dress individually, not all the same. This giving a more unique personal look. Remember you can mix and match.

maunsel house devon bathroom bathtub gothic features
Show your personalities... make it about you!
  • Photography Tip - think attitude, style, your personalities, show off !!!!. This is an opportunity to show who you are together. Share your ideas with your photographer and if you're after something different try editorial photographers too. All the photographers mentioned in this article are brilliant, very creative, adaptive and will definitely be able to photograph you with a dark edge.

maunsel house themed wedding party devon bar room
Showing attitude and personality

Eccentric Peaky Blinders Credits

Venue - Maunsel House

Photographer - Mike Alsford

Tailored Suits - Zebel

Dresses - Days of Grace Vintage

devon grown local affordable flowers blossoms tulips ranunculus
Spring jewel flowers - blossoms, tulips, ranunculus

Jewel Palette Flowers

Dark period houses lend themselves to rich jewel colour palettes with warm hints of rusts and oranges. These colours all found in the dark woods, fabrics and in the abundance of worldly artefacts adorned in old manor houses.

Show me your fabrics and finishing details and I'll have all your flowers fine tuned to your look.

fresh dried flowers devon bouquets n bunches
Autumn - fresh & dried flowers mix

Dark Night Gatsby

Saving the darkest for last, this is a photoshoot I designed and styled with Gatsby in mind but with a dark... end of the night feel to it.

Embracing the dark gothic setting of Huntsham Court my inspiration for styling came from the 1920s and Victorian era's a perfect combination of decadence and opulence fitting for a setting such as Huntsham court.

Huntsham's bar was the location for our styled inspiration shoot, it has the atmosphere of an old gentlemens club oozing character and style.

1920's flapper beaded dress Huntsham court bar
1920's beaded dress

huntsham court piano green bar room
Creating drama sitting at the bar piano

  • Photography Tip - Add some theatrical drama or an editorial magazine look by using your venue to the full. Period houses have amazing furniture and artefacts, with permission first... use them for dramatic effects.

victorian gothic wedding huntsham court
Mixing Victorian and 1920's clothes

  • Clothes Tip - Think trims, beads & feathers. Adapt clothes, you can cut pieces away and add to them.

gatsby victorian stationary 1920's huntsham court
Handmade stationary

1920's themed wedding gothic wedding huntsham court
Screen printed tablecloths
  • Stationary Tip - Gorgeous laying of papers, textures and finishes can be used in creating handmade stationary either by yourselves or a professional. Clair Small made these. A huge amount of printed papers, typefaces, pens, glitters and many how to videos are available. End less possibilities and very personal.

table decor style huntsham court 1920's court
Vintage accessories

  • Props Tip - Collect and use props as part of your table decor and for adding drama to your portrait images.

editorial magazine photography huntsham court devon
Inspiring editorial photography

This is award winning photography, look how the gold draws you in and leads you around the pic. Very simple, effective and a brilliant use of a fireplace with a clock.

theatrical theatre themed event huntsham court party
Dramatic theatrical make-up

Hair and make up by Billy Edge. Her experience in the fashion industry and on editorial shoots makes her a perfect artist for creating out of the box looks.

  • Makeup Tip - Having a dramatic make up finish like this will capture the light perfectly.

Dark Night Gatsby Credits

Venue - Huntsham Court

Photographer - Alistair Campbell

Hair & MUA - Billy Edge

Clothes - Days of Grace Vintage

vintage party themed birthday huntsham court
Vintage raw silk dress

Days of Grace Vintage

I used rare original period clothing collected and preserved by the inspiring and very passionate Linda, owner of Days of Grace in Budleigh Salterton, Devon. She has many surprises from all era's on display and stored behind the scenes. I was spoilt for choice selecting clothes to compliment my luxurious fabrics, original period accessories and dark vision I had in mind for Gatsby and Peaky Blinders.

styling ideas themes inspiration huntsham court devon
Mixing era's... hair & fashion

Billy Edge

The fabulous lady responsible for creating the master class hair and make up in our Gatsby shoot an inspiring work of art in its self. Also responsible for my amazing wedding hair and natural make-up.

dried flowers buttonhole devon
Dried flowers unisex buttonhole

dried devon flowers wedding bouquet bunches
Dried flowers bride bouquet

"I fine tune flower designs to compliment your look"

wedding gothic hairpiece devon
My wedding hair piece

  • Hair Tip - My unique hair piece secured with pins gave my short hair the effect of a hair up do.

Now you're itching to get creative, rummage and search for those unique pieces. Start with family and friends, it's great having them involved and have fun adding to your hoard.

Next post will be featuring colour in a big way....

Hannah Taylor

Florist, display artist, set/concept designer.

07917 486521

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